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Smoking Weed Vs Eating Weed: What Is The Difference?

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Smoking weed offers quite predictable effects, and is easier to control. Edibles can cause intense highs, that fit some perfectly, but their onset is a bit less predictable. If you’re thinking of dosing up on edibles, it is best to know a couple of ways to improve your experience beforehand. There are so many methods […]

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Growth Expected in the CBD Market in 3 years

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Hemp-Based CBD is becoming a booming market with considerable growth expected in the coming years. Many companies have seen considerable growth in their sales since they began in this market. As CBD is not a controlled substance, it is currently within easy reach of many people, and its benefits for your health are plentiful. The […]

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Cannabis Plants: Male, female and hermaphrodite

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Cannabis plants are not gender neutral. There are female plants, from which the actual bud flower comes. Male plants produce the pollen. However, the cannabis plant is a bit odd in this respect. Female plants can turn hermaphrodite in certain circumstances – meaning they are both male and female. This happens in a situation where […]

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The Therapeutic And Dietary Benefits of Eating Raw Cannabis


Most people are familiar with the effects of smoking, vaping, or otherwise consuming cannabis, but have you ever considered eating it raw? From a nutritional perspective, cannabis is one of the healthiest foods you could possibly eat. It’s a leafy, green vegetable that’s loaded with protein, fibre, antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. […]

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The 10 most common mistakes when growing cannabis

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The 10 most common mistakes when growing cannabis Growing cannabis isn’t easy, there are many mistakes we can make in pursuit of the prefect result. Here are our top 10 most common mistakes when growing cannabis. The wrong manure This is often cited as the main culprit. However: All manure that is available through professional grow shops contains enough […]

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