Having trouble making payment?

If You have chosen Credit and Debit Card as your preferred payment method and you are experiencing any problems with your payment and not sure what to do next, we have listed some helpful information below.

What Credit and Debit Cards Can We Accept ?


We currently accept Visa & MasterCard Credit/Debit cards. If you are using any other provider your payment unfortunately may not be successful.

3D Secure Payments, what is 3D secure and how does it work ?

We can only accept Credit/Debit cards that are 3D Secure. Either Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. These help to prevent people using your details without your permission and ensures our customers are fully protected.
If your having trouble making payment we advise that you get in touch with your bank and ask them if and how it is possible to make a 3D secure payment. They should be able to help you. 
Because different banks have different requirements we cannot give a definite reason as to why you are having trouble making payment. For example some banks may require you to authenticate payment using SMS confirmation.
If you have any questions about making payments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 
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