Compound Genetics

10 G’s Feminized Seeds

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10 G’s Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Introducing 10 G’s Feminized Seeds by Compound Genetics, a strain with a name that hits you like a rocket blast and promises cash-stacking rewards. This clever concoction combines the power of Jet Fuel Gelato (JFG) with a special twist. Both Gastro Pop parents draw inspiration from the Jet Fuel Gelato lineage, with Apples & Bananas crossing Now N Later and Jet Fuel Gelato, while Grape Gasoline blends Grape Pie with Jet Fuel Gelato.

The JFG mother dominates this strain’s lineage, resulting in uniformity and remarkable traits during testing. Expect sturdy structures and commercial potency infused with Gastro Pop’s vibrant hues, complex flavors, and alluring aromas. Compound Genetics’ meticulous selection process produced a harmonious balance of sweetness, savoriness, and even unexpected hints of intricate floral tones. Get ready for a strain that’s as bold as it is lucrative.

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