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Apple Fritter Auto Seeds

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Apple Fritter Auto Seeds By Royal Queen Seeds

Meet Apple Fritter Auto Seeds one of the most potent autoflowering strains in the game. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing 23% THC and a flavor explosion of sweet fruitiness mixed with sugary goodness.

A lovechild of Sour Apple Auto and Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter Auto takes the best of both worlds and adds the lightning-fast growth of ruderalis genetics. This indica-dominant hybrid is a true gem, boasting high THC levels, a stealthy and compact structure, and a delightful terpene profile.

During its flowering phase, Apple Fritter Automatic pumps out a mesmerizing blend of earthy, fruity, and candy-like aromas, thanks to its aromatic secondary metabolites working in overdrive. With a hefty THC content, hitting 23%, it’ll leave you in a state of blissful euphoria for hours on end.

Whether you grow her indoors or outdoors, this strain stays small and unobtrusive, perfect for tight spaces and secret gardens. Indoor plants peak at 100cm but can be easily managed at 60cm with a bit of LST. Get ready to harvest up to 450g/m² after a rapid 11–12 week growth cycle under good lights. Outdoors, the plants reach a slightly taller height of 110cm and yield 140–180g/plant.

Apple Fritter Automatic is the dream combination of power, taste, and convenience, perfect for those who want the best without the hassle. Grizzly Seed Bank brings you this remarkable strain to elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

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