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Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds

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Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds By Royal Queen Seeds.  

Get ready for a terpene explosion that will blow your mind. Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds brings together the best of both worlds with its mouthwatering flavours of sweet pastries and an unmatched THC punch. Brace yourself for a creative high that will leave you inspired and impressed by its generous yields.

The Perfect Blend: Sour Apple meets Animal Cookies

Through the expertise of Royal Queen Seeds’ breeders, the tantalizing Apple Fritter was born. By crossing the potent Sour Apple with the delectable Animal Cookies, a masterpiece was created. This indica-dominant hybrid boasts a genetic profile comprising 60% indica and 40% sativa, carefully selected for their impressive THC levels and luscious fruity terpene profiles.

A Symphony of Effects and Flavors

As the name suggests, Apple Fritter’s resinous buds carry the essence of sweetness and sourness inherited from its lineage. Load up your bongs, vapes, or blunts and indulge in a symphony of apple, candy, and vanilla flavors with each inhale. Be prepared for an uplifting and cerebral high that unleashes a burst of creative energy. With a mind-blowing THC content of 24%, Apple Fritter is the catalyst for your artistic endeavors.

Thriving Anywhere, Easy to Grow

Apple Fritter is a low-maintenance beauty that thrives in any growing environment. Indoor plants reach a peak height of 120cm, but with proper training, they can be tamed to a manageable 80cm. After a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, expect a generous harvest of up to 450g/m² under optimal grow lights. Outdoors, these robust plants can soar to a height of 150cm, rewarding you with a bountiful yield of 450–500g per plant by early October. Apple Fritter is a grower’s dream come true.

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