Dutch Passion

Auto Forbidden Cherry Seeds

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Auto Forbidden Cherry Seeds By Dutch Passion.

Auto Forbidden Cherry Seeds are a versatile and robust auto-flower hybrid, ideal for novice growers due to their ease of cultivation. The combination of Purple #1 x (Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie) has created an all-around autoflowering strain that can thrive in various growing conditions. This stable and hardy variety has undergone multiple generations of selective breeding to enhance its resistance and stability. The objective was to produce a visually striking purple autoflower strain that could still deliver excellent results in diverse environments. Indoor growers can expect a flower cycle of 63-70 days. Prepare for a compact and medium-sized plant that reaches up to approximately 75 cm in height. For outdoor cultivation, Auto Forbidden Cherry takes about a week to 1.5 weeks longer to mature from seed to harvest.

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