Dutch Passion

Auto SFV OG Seeds

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Auto SFV OG Seeds By Dutch Passion.

Introducing Dutch Passion’s latest gem in the prestigious USA-line, the must have Auto SFV OG Seeds. Clocking in at over 20% THC, this autoflowering cultivar packs a serious punch and stands as one of the mightiest autos in the game.

Seeking a cannabis experience that screams boldness and fragrance? Craving that joint whose aroma permeates the air for miles? Look no further than our Auto SFV OG! This contemporary hybrid boasts an irresistible terpene profile, delivering a mouthwatering fusion of sour, zesty, fruity, chemical, piney, and earthy notes, accompanied by the timeless OG fragrance. Prepare yourself for an explosion of delectable flavors, all encapsulating the essence of top-tier cannabis.

Created by merging the renowned San Fernando Valley OG cut with their cherished Auto Glueberry OG, these feminized autoflowering seeds embody a heavenly combination of double OG genetics.

Anticipate robust and well-structured medium-sized plants, occasionally graced by exceptionally massive ladies in each pack. The buds are entirely blanketed in resin, offering a sticky texture and unrivaled potency. Brace yourself for the captivating aroma that will permeate your growing space. Rest assured, the Dutch Passion team wholeheartedly vouches for her excellence.

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