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Black Toffee Auto Seeds

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Black Toffee Auto Seeds By Green House Seeds Co.

Step into the world of the Black Toffee Auto Seeds, a majestic blend born from the union of the illustrious Larry Bubba and our Gelato 41 Auto. With roots in the powerful Bubba Kush and Larry OG, this hybrid boasts a mesmerizing flower structure.

Prepare for a sensory symphony as the Black Toffee Auto unveils its essence—a robust coffee aroma intertwined with tantalizing hints of deep red fruits, offering a delectable sweetness to the fusion.

Experience a day-long companion in this strain. Its effects deliver a relaxing wave of well-being throughout the body, ensuring a balanced high that won’t overpower, perfect for those seeking a productive yet serene journey.

Savor the taste journey: an initial burst of intense coffee-like notes dances on your palate, followed by a delightful medley of red fruits and sweetness, beautifully intertwining to create a harmonious blend of sweet and bitter. As you exhale, catch a subtle hint of the light OG essence lingering in the air. The Black Toffee Auto—where indulgence meets balance in every puff.

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