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Bling Blaow Feminized Seeds

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Bling Blaow Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Introducing Bling Blaow Feminized Seeds, the sensational offspring of Glitter Bomb and Gastro Pop, boasting two captivating variations. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dark purple phenotypes, leaning towards the delectable Gastro Pop, or embrace the trichome-rich green selections, where buds appear predominantly white. The legendary Glitter Bomb mother, a fusion of OGKB Blueberry Headband and the infamous Grape Gas #10, delivers dominant terps infused with luscious grape candy, complemented by hints of sweet cough syrup and a powerful gas punch.

By incorporating Grape Gas, Jet Fuel Gelato, and the tantalizing Apples & Bananas cross from Compound Genetics, Bling Bloaw pays homage to its grape-infused lineage. Prepare for an array of subtly fruity profiles harmoniously blended with sweet candy notes and a hint of daring nail polish remover. Marvel at the triangular-shaped buds, steeped in unparalleled visual allure, making this Compound Genetics creation a captivating masterpiece that flawlessly captures the irresistible combination of candy, fruit, and gas adored by enthusiasts everywhere.

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