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Blue Fizz Feminized Seeds

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Blue Fizz Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing Blue Fizz Feminized Seeds, the star of Grounded Genetics’ Z Road line—a fusion of seven exotic, Zkittlez-infused hybrids. Derived from the exclusive Blue Jelly phenotype, a result of meticulous in-house breeding from regular seeds, Blue Fizz embodies rarity and quality.

Grounded Genetics sifted through a myriad of phenotypes to select the prime mother for Blue Fizz. The chosen Blue Jelly, derived from Gelato 41 x Sherb bx1, stood out but remained a limited gem, only yielding a handful of seeds. However, when crossed with the Z Road pollen, Blue Fizz emerged, captivating the team with its exceptional progeny.

This strain inherits its distinctive blue tints and sugary sweetness from its grandmother, Blue Sherb, showcasing these recessive traits across three projects. Expect a diverse array of Z/Sherb-type variations, making the selection process a colorful challenge. Yet, those familiar with the exquisite lineage anticipate the goodness packed into these seeds.

The OG heritage of the Z Road hybrids ensures a consistent potency in Blue Fizz, delivering phenotypes that excel in every aspect, fulfilling every expectation of a top-tier strain.

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