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Blueberry Ghost OG Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry Ghost OG Feminized Seeds.

Blueberry Ghost OG Feminized Seeds By Original sensible Seeds. Monster Blueberry with some acidic fruit into Colorado Ghost OG has spawned Blueberry Ghost OG. Blueberry Ghost OG is also an amazing accomplishment. In just 8 – 9 weeks of flowering this lady will bring in a huge haul of ridiculous buds loaded with resin crystals and the power of 22% THC. Due to the Purple tones from the Blueberry, the mix will create a deep Afghan Kush aroma with the lemony zest from the Colorado OG, and an earthy OG Kush. Yields are big,500 – 550g m2 whilst outdoors also given the right conditions could double.

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