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Chemical Candy Auto Seeds

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Chemical Candy Auto Seeds By Green House Seeds Co.

Embark on a journey with Chemical Candy Auto Seeds. A stellar concoction that marries the mighty Classic Gorilla Glue with GHS’s luscious Sweet Mango Auto. Blending the formidable potency and taste of Gorilla Glue with the delightful sweetness of Sweet Mango Auto. Chemical Candy stands out as a robust mid-sized plant, structurally sound and generously adorned with myriad flowering sites. These sites burgeon into elongated, dense buds wrapped in gossamer trichomes, a testament to its Gorilla lineage.

Drawing from its Gorilla Glue heritage, expect a potent dual assault on both mind and body. Melding a sativa’s cerebral clarity with the profound relaxation of an indica. This strain promises a prolonged experience of elevated serenity and grounded physical ease.

The sensory profile of Chemical Candy is equally compelling. As the plant matures, it exudes a bold, pungent aroma that hints at chemical grapes interlaced with the light, fruity nuances of mango. This bouquet evolves, introducing subtle gassy undertones as it reaches the peak of its flowering cycle. The smoke is smooth, teasing the palate with a perfect balance of acidic sharpness and underlying sweetness, making each inhalation a complex and enjoyable encounter.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Chemical Candy requires about 8 to 9 weeks to flower when grown indoors, promising a medium to high yield that delights cultivators. Outdoors, the plant reaches an average height of 150cm and completes its cycle in approximately 8 weeks, yielding up to 160 grams per plant.

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