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Deep Jealousy Auto Seeds

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Deep Jealousy Auto Seeds By Anesia Seeds

Experience the envy-inducing power of Deep Jealousy Auto Seeds, an exceptional addition to Anesia’s collection of potent and aromatic autoflowering strains. Embark on an unforgettable journey to distant realms with its tantalizing exotic taste that will leave you longing for more. As part of Anesias extensive Jealousy Dankness breeding project, they carefully selected a special plant and infused it with a touch of ruderalis genetics, resulting in an autoflowering marvel.

Deep Jealousy Auto represents the latest generation of automatic strains, boasting incredibly plump, compact, and glistening buds. Enveloped in a generous layer of sticky resin, they emit a delightful fruity and exotic fragrance reminiscent of pineapples and berries, complemented by subtle notes of sandalwood.

With an exceptional THC content of 27%, Deep Jealousy Auto delivers a potent punch. Expect abundant outdoor yields of up to 300g per plant, accompanied by an extraordinary high that lingers for hours. Its intense and long-lasting effects induce a holistic relaxation, providing a pleasurable body sensation that will keep you blissfully sedated. Striking the perfect balance between physical and mental effects, this strain guarantees a profoundly euphoric yet weighty experience.

Growing Deep Jealousy Auto is a breeze, with a flowering period of approximately 65 days. Achieve yields of 550g/m² indoors or up to 300g per plant when cultivating outdoors. Renowned as one of the market’s strongest autoflowering strains, it caters to both seasoned cultivators and novices alike. Its resilience makes it suitable for all growing conditions, making it an ideal choice for anybody seeking simplicity.

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