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Facade Feminized Seeds

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Facade Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Introducing Facade Feminized Seeds by Compound Genetics – a standout gem in the Apples & Bananas lineage! This strain’s meteoric rise is fueled by its mind-blowing commercial yields and award-winning selections, handpicked by fortunate phenohunters. The mother, Eye Candy, a delightful offspring of Biscotti x The Menthol from The Menthol line, boasts striking dark purple hues and a tantalizing blend of pungent gas and mint herbal notes.

Facade’s offspring exhibits a remarkable transformation, taming the wild Apples & Bananas bud structure into a compact, conical form. Expect an intense rush of gassy terps, veering away from fruity vibes and strongly embracing its Biscotti lineage. Don’t let this extraordinary creation from Compound Genetics slip through your fingers – it’s a true must-have!

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