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GMO Rainbowz Feminized Seeds

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GMO Rainbowz Feminized Seeds By Pheno Finder Seeds

Introducing GMO Rainbowz Feminized Seeds, a botanical marvel crafted by the visionary breeders at Pheno Finder Seeds in the heart of Amsterdam. This groundbreaking strain marries the robust, garlicky-chem allure of GMO with the delectable tropical candy essence of Original Z genetics, a fusion coveted by enthusiasts worldwide.

Genetically, GMO Rainbowz emerges from the dynamic union of Archive Seedbanks’ legendary Rainbow Beltz, akin to an amplified Original Z, and the unmistakable GMO. This coupling elevates the candied character, as Rainbow Beltz contributes a fruity sweetness while GMO bestows its iconic pungency. The result? A strain of unparalleled distinction, both in taste and effect.

Behold the visual spectacle of GMO Rainbowz. Its buds, densely packed and arrayed in a captivating spectrum of colors, pay homage to nature’s own artistry. From profound purples to vivid greens, each bud is a testament to the palette of creation. Fiery orange hairs and a lavish coat of glistening trichomes further amplify its aesthetic allure.

Aromatically, GMO Rainbowz weaves a tapestry of scents, a dance of complexities that enraptures the senses. At first inhale, the deep, savory, and earthy notes of GMO wash over you, a pungency that demands attention. Yet, delve deeper, and a delightful sweetness emerges, a nod to the candy-fruited lineage of Rainbow Beltz. This aromatic alchemy sets the stage for the symphony of flavours that follows.

GMO Rainbowz, brought to you by Pheno Finder Seeds, thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, boasting a flowering period of approximately 9 weeks. While its lush foliage may demand some TLC, the bountiful results justify every effort. Elevate your cultivation journey with this extraordinary strain, a testament to the artistry of nature and the ingenuity of Pheno Finder Seeds.

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