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Gold Teeth Feminized Seeds

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Gold Teeth Feminized Seeds By Holy Smoke Seeds

Introducing Gold Teeth Feminized Seeds from Holy Smoke Seeds, a powerhouse born from the prestigious Gold Dropz strain hailing from Compound Genetics’ revered Apples & Bananas lineage. This strain embodies sheer potency, boasting a staggering 30% THC, a testament to its exceptional parentage. Its union with the formidable CapjunkyRS11 surpasses Holy Smoke Seeds’ wildest expectations.

Gold Teeth emerges as a robust, weighty cultivar, exhibiting substantial growth with each swollen calyx—a true heavyweight hybrid. As its name suggests, this beauty matures with resplendent golden hues, adorned with a lavish coat of trichomes. Its flavor profile seamlessly marries sweetness and gas, delivering a deeply immersive high that captivates.

Geared towards seasoned enthusiasts, Gold Teeth promises an ideal evening companion, perfect for unwinding with a favorite movie or engaging in social moments, inducing laughter and conviviality. However, caution reigns supreme—operating heavy machinery isn’t advised. This seriously potent Indica-dominant hybrid, complimented by RS11, offers a cozy, relaxed experience best savored in a laid-back setting. Gold Teeth by Holy Smoke Seeds is a gem, a strong strain that embraces comfort and companionship.

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