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Green Apple Juice Auto Seeds

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Green Apple Juice Auto Seeds By Anesia Seeds

Introducing the incredible Green Apple Juice Auto Seeds, born from the union of Apple Fritter and Auto Betty. Anesia’s meticulous breeding process has resulted in a potent, autoflowering strain with an exquisite taste. Despite its sativa dominance, this beauty matures in just 9-10 weeks, blessing you with resinous buds bursting with aromatic goodness. Brace yourself for a fruity extravaganza reminiscent of green apples, complemented by a delightful lemony twist. The trichomes glisten, surrounded by vibrant orange hairs, while the effects take you on an uplifting journey of creativity and euphoria, paving the way for relaxation and expanded senses. With average heights of 80-120cm, these plants adapt effortlessly to any environment, rewarding you with bountiful harvests of premium buds. Experience the latest generation of autoflowering cannabis strains with Green Apple Juice Auto, boasting exceptional yields and sky-high THC levels.

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