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Guava Jelly Regular Seeds

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Guava Jelly Regular Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing Guava Jelly Regular Seeds, another gem, born from Grounded Genetics elite Jealousy line. Crafted by crossing exclusive cuts with the legendary Jealousy (Gelato 41 x Sunset Sherbert Bx1), this strain emerges from the prized Sweets keeper, meticulously bred by Karma Genetics.

Sweets, a fusion of Guava Gelato and Sour Diesel Bx2, sets the stage for Guava Jelly’s aromatic extravaganza. Expect a symphony of gasoline-rich tones intertwined with sweet Gelato notes. While some phenotypes lean into the sour diesel fuel spectrum, they all boast a dense flower structure.

The Jealousy Male stud contributes its signature deep purple hues to a significant portion of the offspring, elevating bag appeal to new heights. Guava Jelly doesn’t hold back on resin production, showcasing elusive Sunset Sherb terp profiles and the coveted sandy glandular trichomes from the Sour Diesel lineage. These traits make it a top choice for hash production.

With a flowering time of 9 weeks or less for most phenotypes and the occasional Sour Diesel-leaning variant needing a touch more time, Guava Jelly promises complexity in aroma and a winning Gelato/Sunset Sherbert lineage. Don’t miss out on this hash-making marvel!

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