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HighCloudZ Auto Seeds

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HighCloudZ Auto Seeds By Green House Seeds Co.

Introducing HighCloudZ Auto Seeds, a fusion of Green House Seed’s prized HighCloudZ feminized, and Watermelon Autoflowering. This automatic version packs a huge punch, combining the invigorating, sativa-driven high with the delectable blend of sweet and sour, and the potent punch of Watermelon Zkittlez.

Watch as the HighCloudZ auto flourishes with a commanding central cola, flanked by robust secondary branches vying for the limelight, crafting a picturesque canopy of robust boughs. As flowering progresses, expect densely packed blossoms adorned with substantial calyxes.

The bouquet of the HighCloudZ auto is a tantalizing symphony of sweetness, melding the Cloud Walker’s profound, candy-like sugared notes with the signature Zkittlez undertones of our WatermelonZ strain. Elevate your senses with this exquisite autoflowering marvel, a testament to GHS’s dedication to superior genetics and unforgettable experiences.

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