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Killer Glue Feminized Seeds

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Killer Glue Feminized Seeds By GG Strains.

Killer Glue Feminized Seeds, a collaboration between GG Strains and Serious Seeds, brought together by Little Chief Collabs. A cross of AK-47 (Serious Seeds) x Original Glue aka GG4 (GG Strains). A potent Indica dominant hybrid genetic that combines the very best attributes from both parent strains. You can expect strong, prolific plants with a uniform stature. Tightly packed colas with a thick coating of resin and a complex terpene profile. High levels of THC along with good yields. Sour, pungent aromas from the Glue and sweet, floral flavours from the AK-47. An exquisite limited edition hybrid strain from Little Chief Collabs – order yours while stocks last!

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