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Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb Feminized Seeds

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Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb Feminized Seeds By Perfect Tree.

Welcome to the flavourful world of Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb Feminized Seeds by Perfect Tree Seeds. A star in the esteemed Coco Milk collection. This exquisite strain is the result of a meticulous crossbreeding process. Marrying the renowned Lemon Curd cut with our illustrious Coco Milk reversal. It’s a hybrid F1 strain that embodies the best traits from both parents, offering an uplifting, invigorating experience from the Lemon Curd side and deep relaxation courtesy of Coco Milk.

In just about eight weeks, this strain matures, allowing for quicker harvest turnovers. A dream for those eager to savour their stash sooner. The yields are generous, rewarding those who tend to its needs diligently. The terpene profile is an aromatic delight, boasting fresh lemon zest akin to sorbet with invigorating hints that’ll tantalize your senses.

Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb, with its manageable stature, thrives without needing topping, making it an ideal choice for various grow setups. It’s a testament to the robust genetics Perfect Tree Seeds are renowned for. Showcasing their commitment to quality and bountiful yields. Dive into this grower’s paradise and experience the blissful fusion of Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb’s tantalising flavours and satisfying yields.

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