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Mac 11 Feminized Seeds

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Mac 11 Feminized Seeds By Pheno Finder Seeds

Introducing the Mac 11 Feminized Seeds, a masterpiece from the skilled hands of Pheno Finder Seeds, hailing from the cannabis haven of Amsterdam. This strain, born from the union of Mac and RS11, is a testament to the breeder’s artistry, ensuring a treasure for enthusiasts.

Genetically, Mac 11 is a symphony of cannabis heritage, a fusion of the revered Mac and RS11 strains. Mac, or “Miracle Alien Cookies,” is renowned for its potency, abundant yields, and distinct flavor, while RS11 brings a sherbet and ‘Z’ terpene medley. This merging of genetic titans births a strain boasting the best of both worlds.

Visually arresting, Mac 11 boasts dense, resin-draped buds, a kaleidoscope of colors captivating the beholder. Lime green calyxes mingle with fiery orange pistils, creating a vivid contrast that captivates the gaze. Yet, what truly enchants is the copious trichome blanket, casting a frosty, enchanting spell.

The aroma, a bewitching dance of sweet and fruity notes, coupled with an earthy undertone, welcomes you. Tropical fruits and citrus swirl, inviting further exploration, all underpinned by a spicy complexity.

The taste, an odyssey of sensations, unfolds with each breath. Ripe berries and tropical fruits lead, followed by a zesty, lemony embrace. Yet, the delicate pine finish leaves an indelible mark on the palate, an unforgettable journey of flavor.

Thriving indoors and out, Mac 11 embraces growers of all levels. With a brisk flowering time of about 9 weeks, it promises a swift yield.

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