Mixed FastBuds Auto Flower Pack


Try Our Mixed FastBuds Auto Flower Pack

Rather than trying to choose, with a mixed FastBuds Auto Flower Pack let us make the selection for you. In each of our packs you will find four of our finest Auto Flower seeds to give you a range of genetics for your collection. Included in this pack is a Gorilla Glue Auto, also a Pineapple Express Auto, a Girl Scout Cookie Auto plus a Stardawg Auto. Buy a Mixed Fast Buds Auto Flower Pack Here At Grizzly Seed Bank UK.

You can also find out more about the individual seeds here:

1 x Gorilla Glue Auto

1 x Pineapple Express Auto

1 x Girl Scout Cookie Auto

1 x Stardawg Auto

*Please note this is not an official breeder pack, all seeds sold individually by Grizzly Seed Bank*

Please Note: In order to offer the option to buy single seeds to our customers, most single seeds are repackaged by Grizzly Seed Bank. If you would like breeder packaging, please select a pack size other than ‘1 Seed’ this will guarantee you will receive your seeds in breeder packaging.