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Moweeto Feminized Seeds

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Moweeto Feminized Seeds By Green House Seed Co.

Introducing Moweeto Feminized Seeds, an absolute powerhouse born from the marriage of Velvet Moon, intertwined with the delectable Lemon Tree. This explosive fusion of citrus strains boasts an OG Kush undertone and a delightful touch of sweet Sourness, culminating in an unrivaled, mouthwatering experience.

This strain flaunts an abundance of terpenes and a copious production of sticky resin, an absolute treat for aficionados of citrus and Gas. Its robust growth mirrors the Lemon Tree’s vigor, reinforced by the Velvet Moon, resulting in sturdy branches capable of supporting hefty flowers laden with pungent trichomes.

Adorned with numerous flowering sites along its branches, Moweeto creates its own stunning buds, while the apex forms a magnificent main flower teeming with dense calyx and a wealth of resin.

The smoke tantalizes the palate—a sweet symphony of Lemon Tree’s citrus essence and the subtle acidity and earthiness from Velvet Moon’s Do-Si-Dos heritage. This harmonious blend delivers a flavor reminiscent of a freshly mixed Mojito—a delightful medley of sweetness, earthiness, and zesty lemony terpenes, leaving a lingering, nostalgic sensation akin to savoring an old-school hard sugar candy.

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