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Pinata Feminized Seeds

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Pinata Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Pinata Feminized Seeds, indulge your senses in the legendary Gelato 41, known as Bacio Gelato, a jewel in the cannabis crown and a perennial favourite at Grounded Genetics. Born from the illustrious union of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies, Gelato 41 stands unrivaled in the ever-evolving world of premium cuts. A testament to its timeless allure, this cultivar boasts unparalleled potency and a luscious profile of creamy hazelnut ice cream with a captivating gassy funk, leaving your taste buds yearning for more.

Maintaining its status as an irreplaceable gem in Grounded Genetics’ head stash, Gelato 41 meets its match with the extraordinary Piñata. This hybrid, a fusion of Gelato 41 and reversed Runtz pollen, births a dazzling array of improved phenotypes. Witness enhanced resin production, richer exotic candy notes, and a profound increase in yields, making Piñata a worthy successor.

The offspring’s dense, rounded flower structure is a nod to the recessive trait, producing offspring with a spectrum of flavors. Some inherit the artificial candy sweetness and gas from the Runtz, accompanied by a robust hazelnut essence reminiscent of fresh baklava. Others showcase the classic creamy gassy gelato taste with subtle exotic undertones.

Explore diverse expressions within the lineage, where ultra-candied, colorful flowers exude Zkittlez terps, emanating a potent, heavy gassy aroma and adorned with resin-drenched heads. Expect solid, egg-shaped buds with a rock-hard consistency. With a moderate stretch and an ideal harvest window of 8.5 to 9 weeks, Gelato 41 and its Piñata offspring promise a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

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