Grounded Genetics

Pink Limez Feminized Seeds

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Pink Limez Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing the Pink Limez Feminized Seeds by Grounded Genetics—a masterpiece born from the union of two exotic powerhouses. Grounded Genetics expertly fused the renowned Str8 Organics Lemonnade with their own Runtz reversal, resulting in a progeny that lives up to its name!

Prepare your senses for an explosion of candied lime goodness, accompanied by an abundance of resin and stunning pink/purple tones in select phenotypes. Through meticulous pheno hunts, Grounded Genetics unearthed plants embodying a harmonious fusion of their parent strains’ traits. Some phenos leaned towards the Runtz side, while others exuded Lemonnade’s distinct charm.

Among the standouts, a gem emerged—a pheno that delivers a zesty Lemonnade inhale, followed swiftly by the unmistakable Zkittlez funk on the exhale. Brace yourself for a diverse range of terpene profiles within this exceptional strain. Experience the Pink Limez and elevate your cultivation game to new heights!

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