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Purple Boost Highness Feminized Seeds

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Purple Boost Highness Feminized Seeds By Anesia Seeds.

Introducing Purple Boost Highness Feminized Seeds, a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid born from the powerful union of Dankberry and Star Pebbles. Anesia Seed’s dedicated selection process resulted in plants boasting an exceptional THCV value alongside a potent THC content.

With  THCV levels ranging from 5% to 12%, and an average THC level of 28%, Purple Boost Highness stands as a unique and potent strain catering to both medicinal and recreational users.

Prepare for an olfactory delight as the buds emit a sweet and fruity aroma of berries and grapes, with a touch of lemon. These dense, large buds are blanketed in a rich layer of golden white crystal trichomes.

Purple Boost Highness, a magnificent photoperiod cannabis strain, offers a unique flavor profile and an exhilarating high, while also providing a multitude of therapeutic benefits. She stands apart from the rest, adding a wonderful touch to the Anesia catalog.

Cultivating Purple Boost Highness requires patience, as her flowering time spans 10-11 weeks. However, the wait is rewarded with a premium harvest and exceptional effects. When growing indoors, anticipate significant plant growth and initiate the flowering stage early. Topping or fimming techniques yield favorable results, particularly when employing the Sea of Green (SOG) method. During the flowering period, expect an additional two weeks of stretching.

Towards the end of flowering, the plant’s branches become adorned with large, round buds exuding copious resin production. Under various cultivation methods and conditions, this strain yields generously (550-600 g/m²). For outdoor cultivation, choose a location with a gentle breeze to facilitate quick drying of morning dew and prevent stagnant air, which may foster mold growth.

To enhance air and light circulation for the flowers and plants, selectively remove leaves multiple times. For precise height control indoors, employ low or high-stress training techniques. Keep in mind that excessively high or low temperatures may result in foxtail-shaped buds.

Experience the extraordinary allure of Purple Boost Highness—where exquisite flavor and captivating highs converge—ushering in a strain unlike any other. It’s truly something extraordinary, completing the remarkable Anesia collection.

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