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Rainbow Pavé Feminized Seeds

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Rainbow Pavé Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Introducing the extraordinary Rainbow Pavé Feminized Seeds, a fusion of heavyweight champions from Compound Genetics’ illustrious library. Its lineage boasts the legendary Apples & Bananas, a flavor powerhouse born from the union of Now N Later and the potent Jet Fuel Gelato. This strain has been tantalizing taste buds, leaving enthusiasts in awe of its rich terpene profile. Exotic fruit and damp forest notes intertwine, while hints of Kush and Chem add a funky twist.

Enter the Pavé, a star born of a collaboration between Cookies, Migos’ Quavo Huncho, and Compound Genetics. By uniting with the Pavé, Apples & Bananas unleashes a resinous symphony, enriched with earthy, minty, and gassy undertones. The result? A masterpiece known as Rainbow Pavé, boasting a flowering time of around nine weeks and yielding medium to high quantities of flower. THC levels typically range from 23-27%, promising a potent and memorable experience. Elevate your garden with this exceptional strain – a testament to Compound Genetics’ relentless pursuit of excellence.

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