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Red Candy Apple Feminized Seeds

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Red Candy Apple Feminized Seeds By T.H.Seeds

Introducing a rare marvel for the canna-connoisseurs – Red Candy Apple Feminized Seeds from the illustrious T.H. Seeds. Brace yourself for the ultimate delight as this limited gem graces the Pure Sativa realm in 2023. With a mere hundred 2-packs left, this is your fleeting chance to embrace the extraordinary.

Red Candy Apple, a feminized duo, emerges from the fusion of Black Apple Hitchcock and the enchanting Pure Aghani lineage. The mystique of pure Afghani infusion lends a tranquil potency, a hallmark of its lineage. Unveiling as a 70% Sativa dominion coupled with 30% Indica allure, Red Candy Apple showcases its Sativa prowess.

Around the ninth week, or day sixty-three, its flowering dance culminates. Behold the exotic terpene symphony akin to crimson-sugared ripe apples, a sensory marvel. Emanating mellowness and creativity, it’s the twilight indulgence for those seeking utmost repose. Witness bountiful harvests, with yields reaching up to 650 grams p.s.m.

The lineage paints a masterpiece – Black Apple Hitchcock, an artful amalgamation of Grape OG and Sour Apple IBL. This fusion births apple candy sweetness entwined with gelato elegance, an orchestra of flavors that linger tantalizingly. BAH’s resin-draped structure elevates the allure, a frosty spectacle contrasting its emerald-purple buds.

For aficionados of potent apple terpenes, Red Candy Apple beckons. Seize the fleeting marvel – T.H. Seeds’ Red Candy Apple – an homage to the senses, a testament to limited grandeur. Elevate your collection with this embodiment of apple-infused opulence; own it today!

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