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Smashberry Fumez Feminized Seeds

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Smashberry Fumez Feminized Seeds By Anesia Seeds.

Prepare to embark on a journey through the dense, aromatic haze of Anesia Seed’s latest offering: Smashberry Fumez Feminized Seeds. This strain is the epitome of street-sweetness meeting pure octane power. Smashberry Fumez is a feminized hybrid born from the illustrious Candy Fumez and our renowned Oracle Octane, delivering a harmonious blend with a 60% Indica dominance designed to mellow you out while keeping your head in the clouds.

Rev up your engines, because Smashberry Fumez is packed with THC levels soaring up to an incredible 35%. Each toke is an exhilarating burst of gas and sweetness, akin to cruising down candy-coated avenues with your pedal to the metal. Expect a flavor profile that’s an adrenaline rush for your taste buds, followed by a smoky finish that lingers like the perfect encore of a sweet serenade.

Smashberry Fumez is a high-yielding marvel, boasting impressive indoor yields of 650g/m² and outdoor hauls ranging from 800 to 1100g per plant. This strain races to maturity in just 9 weeks, ready for harvest by early October – an ideal choice for growers seeking a swift turnaround. Whether grown indoors or under the open sky, Smashberry Fumez remains compact yet robust, reaching heights of 90-130 cm indoors and stretching to 180-220 cm outdoors.

Smashberry Fumez is your go-to strain for a sweet, gassy experience, perfect for chilling with friends, igniting your creativity, or enjoying a solo flight through euphoric realms. This strain offers a potent punch and a delightful sweetness that’s sure to keep you grinning.

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