Sour Jealousy Auto Seeds

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Sour Jealousy Auto Seeds By FastBuds Seeds.

Sour Jealousy Auto Seeds by FastBuds Seeds. This Autoflowering, feminized marvel is a testament to the innovative breeding techniques at Fastbuds. Offering a pungent blend of diesel, earthy, floral, and sour notes. With its dominant Sativa genetics (75% Sativa / 25% Indica), Sour Jealousy Auto delivers an uplifting and cerebral high, with a THC level that can reach up to 29%. Despite its power, the CBD content remains below 1%, ensuring a focused and energizing experience. This XXL strain stands out not only for its intense aroma and effect but also for its impressive yields, producing 500 – 600 gr/m² indoors and 60 – 300 gr/plant outdoors.

Sour Jealousy Auto reaches heights of 90 – 150 cm, thriving both indoor and outdoor and reaches maturity within a 10-week flowering period. Sour Jealousy Auto Seeds are perfect for growers seeking a high-yield, high-THC strain with minimal fuss. This strain’s mould resilience and vigorous growth make it a suitable choice for both novices and the experienced. For optimal results, ensure your plants receive plenty of light, maintain a stable environment, and provide nutrients tailored to autoflowering strains. Sour Jealousy Auto’s robust nature allows it to flourish in various setups, rewarding growers with abundant harvests of premium-quality buds.

Another amazing strain from Fastbuds.

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