Sticky Fingers Autoflower Seeds

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Sticky Fingers Autoflower Seeds By Seedstockers

Sticky Fingers Autoflower Seeds are an elite genetic derived from the ‘Thin Mint’ pheno of Girl Scout Cookies. Then crossed with Seedstockers ‘Sticky Monkey’ (Gorilla Glue) and Ruderalis. Expect an average indoor life cycle of 75 days as well as an outdoor life cycle of up to 95 days. Indoors 20 hours of light is recommended combined with a complete plant height of up to 100cm. Expect THC levels of 20%+ with XXL yields to match. A sweet terpene profile consisting of sweet cookies with hints of mint and pine. Also the huge productivity makes her an excellent choice for concentrates. Performing very well in all mediums and fairly easy to cultivate makes her another great choice for beginners to low maintenance harvests.

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