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SUGARLATO Auto Seeds By Green House Seeds Co.

Introducing the SUGARLATO Auto Seeds, a dazzling rendition of Gelato in its autoflowering glory! GHS set out to elevate its potency and sweetness, achieved by expertly blending it with the regal King’s Tart.

Result? A stunning, compact beauty—while not towering, it flaunts wide, hefty flowers along its branches. Expect a tight growth pattern, where secondary branches hug the main stem, yielding numerous flower sites with short internodal spaces. These develop into elongated, resin-drenched blooms interlinked in a glittering tapestry.

During flowering, the air fills with a luscious, creamy sweetness that transitions post-harvest to earthy undertones—fusing Gelato’s sweetness with King’s Tart’s fruity, creamy essence. The Sugarlato embodies this harmonious balance, offering a sensory delight from aroma to taste, a delightful fusion of two exceptional strains.

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