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Super Lemon Haze x GMO Feminized Seeds

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Super Lemon Haze x GMO Feminized Seeds By Green House Seed Co.

Super Lemon Haze x GMO Feminized Seeds are a thrilling addition for hash aficionados and sativa enthusiasts alike. This exceptional strain marries two sativa-dominant powerhouses: the beloved Super Lemon Haze, renowned for its long, dense flowers brimming with trichomes, and the unique GMO from Mamiko Seeds, famous for its unparalleled aroma of garlic, onion, and mushroom, alongside its formidable hash production and potent effects.

This crossbreeding has birthed a robust and vigorous plant, featuring dense, long, and compact flowers with massive calyxes reminiscent of GMO. A thick blanket of trichomes envelops the surface of the flowers, making it an incredibly sticky and resinous delight. While this strain may require a bit of growing experience due to its extended flowering period, the patience and care invested will be richly rewarded. Some of the most impressive phenotypes may take up to 11 weeks to fully mature, but the wait is justified by the sight of sturdy stems bursting with flower sites. Cultivators should ensure adequate feeding to witness the full potential of this extraordinary plant, ultimately yielding a harvest that is both visually stunning and intensely aromatic.

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