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Super Lemon Haze x RS11 Feminized Seeds

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Super Lemon Haze x RS11 Feminized Seeds By Green House Seed Co.

Introducing the sensational Super Lemon Haze x RS11 Feminized Seeds. A remarkable hybrid that brings together the legendary Super Lemon Haze with the renowned RS11 (Rainbow Sherbert). Meticulously bred by DeoFarm and expertly selected by Doja and Wizard Trees. This exclusive USA cut has skyrocketed in popularity, celebrated for its exquisite fruity flavor complemented by a tantalizing hint of Z.

When cultivating Super Lemon Haze x RS11, expect a stunning plant that adopts a classic Christmas tree shape with moderate internodal spacing. As it matures, the robust stems may require support towards the end of the flowering phase. The buds are a visual delight, presenting a rounded form with slightly pointed tops. Every touch releases an intoxicatingly strong fruity and sour aroma, making this strain a sensory feast.

The flowers of Super Lemon Haze x RS11 are remarkably dense. Featuring thin calyxes and delicate pistils, ensuring both a striking appearance and exceptional bag appeal. Trimming is a breeze with this strain, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-manage structure. As the flowering stage progresses, watch in awe as the plant develops enchanting red and blue hues, enhancing its visual allure.

In summary, Super Lemon Haze x RS11 is not just a strain; it’s a masterpiece that combines beauty, aroma, and flavor in one extraordinary package. Perfect for growers seeking a high-yield, visually stunning, and aromatic plant, this hybrid is a must-have in any collection.

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