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Tarte Tatin Feminized Seeds

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Tarte Tatin Feminized Seeds By Green House Seed Co.

Introducing the Tarte Tatin Feminized Seeds, Green House Seed’s freshest masterpiece. A symphony of flavor and sweetness unfolds as we meld the revered Caramel Apple Gelato from Compound Genetics with our potent King’s Tart. This union births an explosion of taste akin to the iconic Tarte Tatin dessert—a bold dance of caramelized vanilla-apple intertwined with creamy chocolate undertones. An ode to Chocolope’s nostalgia with a modern twist. As the apple and vanilla unite in harmonious fusion, a delicate creaminess crowns the experience, akin to Chantilly cream atop your Tarte.

In cultivation, the Tarte Tatin flourishes, boasting lush flowers and minimal leaves, making trim time a joy. Preserving C.A.G’s calyx structure, uplifted by King’s Tart’s trichome prowess, the result is an aesthetic marvel. Stretching elegantly with medium nodes, it blooms gracefully along stems, each flower site a testament to individual beauty. A crescendo of hues graces the finale, as purples and blues emerge.

Savor the Tarte Tatin’s smooth journey from caramelized apple to vanilla chocolate, kissed by a creamy finale. A beauty to enjoy from dawn to dusk.

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