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The Bakery Mixed Auto Flower Pack


The Bakery Mixed Auto Flower Pack

Rather than trying to choose, with The Bakery Mixed Auto Flower Pack let us make the selection for you. In each of our packs you will find four of our finest Auto Flower seeds to give you a range of genetics for your collection. Included in this pack is a Bluberry Shortcake Auto, also a Sour Lemon Tart Auto, a Cheesecake Auto plus a Creme Brulee Auto. Buy Our Bakery Mixed Auto Flower Pack Here At Grizzly Seed Bank UK.

You can also find out more about the individual seeds here:

Bluberry Shortcake Auto x 1

Sour Lemon Tart Auto x 1

 Cheesecake Auto x 1 

 Creme Brulee Auto x 1

*Please note this is not an official breeder pack, all seeds sold individually by Grizzly Seed Bank*

Please Note: In order to offer the option to buy single seeds to our customers, most single seeds are repackaged by Grizzly Seed Bank. If you would like breeder packaging, please select a pack size other than ‘1 Seed’ this will guarantee you will receive your seeds in breeder packaging.

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