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The Glow Feminized Seeds

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The Glow Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing The Glow Feminized Seeds by Grounded Genetics, a radiant gem among the new Bacio Gelato hybrids, famously known as Gelato 41. Grounded Genetics handpicked the London Pound Mints, also known as Pancakes, for its consistent enhancement of fragrance and resin production across various breeding endeavors. This strain boasts a uniquely delectable scent, akin to a fruity tart dessert, harmonizing seamlessly with the hazelnut essence of Bacio Gelato, aka Gelato 41.

The Glow’s offspring typically comprises sturdy, medium-sized plants with exceptional lateral growth, yielding robust, densely-packed colas dripping with resin-rich trichomes. Certain plants exhibit distinct traits in both bud structure and trichome development, suggesting potential excellence for those inclined towards solventless concentrate extraction using the fresh-frozen technique. Elevate your cultivation experience with The Glow, a testament to Grounded Genetics’ dedication to superior genetics and unparalleled craftsmanship. Choose The Glow, and let your garden bask in its luminous splendour.

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