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Toffee Pudding Auto Seeds

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Toffee Pudding Auto Seeds By Anesia Seeds

Indulge in the sensation of Toffee Pudding Auto Seeds, a strain bred for those who seek the pinnacle of autoflowers. Anesia Seeds proudly present this captivating beauty, carefully crafted through a meticulous selection process. Anesia handpicked Anesia Scout Cookies for its tantalising flavours and impressive THC levels, crossing them with the finest Banana MAC selection. A touch of Ruderalis genetics ensures the autoflowering trait remains intact.

Prepare to be captivated by Toffee Pudding Auto’s dazzling, resin-coated buds that emit a luscious, sweet aroma during flowering. These dense nuggets, shimmering like precious gems, release an enchanting fragrance of caramel and bananas upon drying.

Beyond its remarkable potency, this strain boasts a short life cycle and bountiful yields. Ranking among the most robust autoflowering varieties available, Toffee Pudding Auto packs a THC punch of 26%. This automatic, indica-dominant gem delivers a full-bodied high, perfect for unwinding or soaking up the sun. Novice growers will appreciate its simplicity, while seasoned cultivators will marvel at its stable nature and abundant harvests.

From germination to harvest, Toffee Pudding Auto completes its journey in a mere 60-65 days, regardless of indoor or outdoor cultivation. Reaching heights of 80-120 cm, these plants thrive under Sea of Green (SoG) setups. While adaptable to various substrates, her terpene profile truly flourishes in organic environments.

Prepare to be astonished by the alluring attributes of this modern autoflowering strain: robust and vigorous growth, unwavering resilience against pests and diseases, and, of course, extraordinary yields of up to 550g per sqm (or 230g per outdoor plant). Embrace the experience of Toffee Pudding Auto and relish in a feel-good high that lasts for hours.

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