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Total Eclipse Feminized Seeds

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Total Eclipse Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure of Total Eclipse Feminized Seeds by Compound Genetics. This extraordinary creation emerges from the mystical fusion of the legendary Gastro Pop #5 and the exceedingly rare King Slayer strain. Behold the majestic King Slayer, a meticulously crafted genetic masterpiece born of the harmonious union between Black Rose F11 and Royal Kush F10, curated by the illustrious Fyg Tree.

In the vegetative stage, Black Rose unveils its spellbinding brilliance with intensely vibrant purple hues, foreshadowing the celestial spectacle that awaits. Total Eclipse by Compound Genetics unfurls a tapestry of profound, velvety purples, unparalleled in their depth and darkness. The terpene symphony dances upon the senses, ranging from tantalizing blueberry, grape, and wine notes gifted by Gastro Pop and Black Rose, to the seductive incense, gas, and cream undertones bestowed by Royal Kush. Prepare for an extraterrestrial experience like no other.

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