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Violet Face Feminized Seeds

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Violet Face Feminized Seeds By Anesia Seeds.

Enter the enchanting and seductive realm of Violet Face Feminized Seeds from Anesia Seeds, where each toke is a one-way ticket to your personal paradise. This feminized marvel is the result of an elite genetic fusion between the regal Blue Face and the laid-back Frozen Black Cherry. Imagine the perfect summer’s day—basking in warm, sunny vibes with a refreshing, cool breeze.

Blue Face infuses this strain with the sophisticated essence of Z, offering delightful notes of creamy orange and banana cake that transport you straight to a tropical oasis. Then, Frozen Black Cherry steps up with its icy allure and an irresistible sweet-and-sour cherry aroma, making it utterly addictive.

Violet Face is not just a pretty face; it’s a powerhouse. With THC levels skyrocketing up to an astonishing 35%, each puff delivers an intense and luxurious blend of cherry and sweet, fruity flavors. It’s like diving headfirst into a pool of creamy, tropical bliss with every hit.

Violet Face isn’t just about that easy-going lifestyle; it’s a heavyweight in the garden too. Indoors, expect generous yields of up to 600g/m², while outdoor cultivation can reward you with a lush bounty of 900 – 1200g per plant. This strain blooms swiftly, ready for harvest within 8 – 9 weeks, ideally by the end of September. Whether you’re growing indoors or letting it flourish under the open sky. Violet Face reaches heights of 80-120 cm indoors and 160-200 cm outdoors.

If you’re seeking a top-shelf strain that delivers both incredible flavor and potent effects. Look no further than Violet Face from Anesia Seeds. Grab these seeds and let Violet Face guide you to a world where relaxation reigns supreme.

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