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WHAM BOOM Feminized Seeds

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WHAM BOOM Feminized Seeds By Anesia Seeds.

Step into the ring with WHAM BOOM Feminized Seeds from Anesia Seeds, where the electrifying energy of Wham with the chill vibes of RS54, crafting a strain that’s all about balance, power, and flavor. This feminized heavyweight boasts a perfect blend of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, delivering a knockout experience that lifts you into euphoria while your body sinks into serene relaxation.

Brace yourself for the uppercut of THC levels soaring between 32 – 39%. WHAM BOOM hits with the force of a comet crash, leaving a trail of vanilla and nutty aromas that’ll have your senses spinning. Imagine a cosmic bakery in the heart of a nebula, where each puff unveils a fusion of flavors as unexpected as they are delightful. It’s the ultimate cool-down companion for nights when you need to unwind but crave a touch of motivation before the relaxation sets in.

Growing WHAM BOOM is a dream for cultivators, producing indoor yields of 600g/m² and outdoor hauls reaching a staggering 900 – 1200g per plant. With a flowering period of 65 – 70 days, this strain is ready to rumble by early October, making it an ideal contender for those aiming for a championship harvest. Standing tall at 100-140 cm indoors and 160-220 cm outdoors, WHAM BOOM is a testament to its genetic prowess and the perfect addition to any grower’s arsenal.

So, if you’re ready to taste the cosmic clash of flavors and feel the power of one of nature’s most balanced strains, WHAM BOOM is waiting for you. Raise your gloves, light up, and embark on an unforgettable journey with this stellar strain.

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