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Wingsuit Feminized Seeds

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Wingsuit Feminized Seeds By Compound Genetics

Introducing Wingsuit Feminized Seeds by Compound Genetics, a remarkable fusion of the legendary Red Bullz’ mother cut and the captivating Gastro Pop. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing candy gas experience that transcends expertise levels.

Both parent strains trace their lineage back to the extraordinary candy blend of Grape Gas. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting fragrance of Wingsuit, dominated by a complex grape candy aroma. Compound Genetics advises choosing a phenotype that also retains the delicate notes of perfume and florals, akin to the exquisite White Runtz.

Fortunately, the Red Bullz mother cut boasts such a strong Runtz influence that finding this harmonious combination is highly probable. Expect a diverse range of robust and aromatic dark purple plants with exceptional traits. The offspring of Wingsuit are destined to be victorious in every aspect.

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