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Yoda Junky Feminized Seeds

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Yoda Junky Feminized Seeds By Holy Smoke Seeds

Step into the cosmic realm with Yoda Junky Feminized Seeds, the divine creation of Holy Smoke Seeds. Born from the fusion of Platinum Yoda and Holy Smoke Seeds CapjunkyRS11, this strain emerged from a clandestine encounter—Holy Smoke sneaking into Yoda’s sanctuary of meditation. In that exchange, Yoda entrusted Holy Smoke with mystical treasures known to transcend time, on the condition that these creations be shared with the world.

Drenched in a celestial coat of pure white trichomes, Yoda Junky emanates an otherworldly radiance. Its potent expression of Platinum Yoda delivers a knockout indica punch, swiftly ushering you into Yoda’s tranquil sanctuary.

This strain’s robust indica dominance effortlessly cuts through life’s chaos, swiftly centering your being. Prepare for a flavor voyage of butterscotch, gassy caramel, and a hint of fudge—a beautiful yet robust experience.

Yoda Junky isn’t just a strain; it’s Holy Smoke Seeds’ direct path to therapeutic relief. Its muscle-relaxing prowess makes it an ideal companion for the day’s end, facilitating the body’s healing journey during rest. A strain for the seasoned, offering profound indica effects and a serene meditative experience.

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