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Z Pointer Feminized Seeds

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Z Pointer Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing the Z Pointer Feminized Seeds from Grounded Genetics, a radiant addition to their Z Road lineup—seven strains infused with the rainbow’s magic.

Derived from the Jumpshot cut, carefully cultivated from original seeds by crossbreeding the iconic Gary Payton with the potent Gelato 41 x Sunset Sherbert bx1, these seeds blossom under the influence of the reversed Z Road pollen. The chosen Jumpshot #4 boasts generously-sized, resin-drenched buds—vibrant, dense, and adorned in colorful hues.

Experience an enigmatic aroma blend, a symphony of creamy, sherbert, and dessert notes mingling with a tantalizing gassy essence. The Z Pointer inherits the Jumpshot’s robust potency, harmonizing beautifully with the Z Road’s uplifting effects, promising a creatively immersive journey.

Bringing forth signature Z terpenes from the Z Road lineage and the Jumpshot’s Gary Payton & Sherbert gas, the Z Pointer showcases a remarkable flower structure and resin yield—a true gem among cookie lineage strains. Expect an 8.5-9 week flowering period, medium stretch, and above-average yields—a testament to its exceptional genetics.

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