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Zapplewoodz Feminized Seeds

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Zapplewoodz Feminized Seeds By Conscious Genetics

Introducing Zapplewoodz Feminized Seeds, a phenomenal feminized strain by Conscious Genetics. A fusion of Old School charm and contemporary excellence, this hybrid masterpiece marries the notorious UK Exodus Cheese with the famed Zapplez, creating a truly unparalleled cannabis experience.

In the relentless quest for authenticity, Conscious Genetics secured the elusive, unadulterated UK Exodus Cheese cut from Dr. Organics Living Soil’s prized nursery. With the original Exodus Cheese becoming a rarity, finding an untainted version was no easy feat. However, the search culminated in success when Dr. Living Soil Organics shared their prized cut.

Zapplewoodz emerges as the culmination of this meticulous journey, promising improved plant and bud structure, heightened frostiness, density, and potency. A must-have for cheese enthusiasts, this strain embodies the essence of Grizzly Seed Bank’s commitment to unique, top-tier genetics. Elevate your collection with Zapplewoodz and savor the rare blend of history and innovation in every bud.

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