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Zapplez 2.0 Feminized Seeds

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Zapplez 2.0 Feminized Seeds By Conscious Genetics

Introducing Zapplez 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Conscious Genetics, a masterpiece poised to redefine the cannabis experience thanks to a cross of Rainbow Beltz 1.0 pheno 4 x Zapplez. This creation, part of a quartet of groundbreaking strains, is hailed by Conscious Genetics as their magnum opus, a Z-fueled hybrid that surpasses all expectations.

Derived from the renowned Zapplez strain, celebrated for its resinous allure and Cali-style dense buds saturated with exotic creamy apple terps, Zapplez 2.0 takes it up a notch. The marriage with the terp-rich ‘Rainbow Beltz 1.0,’ featuring a specially selected pheno by Sour Connoisseur, results in a mesmerizing fusion of Zkittlez dominance and decadently creamy kushy terps.

Conscious Genetics meticulously crafted this strain, focusing on enhancing bud structure, resin, and potency. Zapplez 2.0 promises a truly unique terpene profile, firmly embedding the coveted Z terps. Anticipated to be the pinnacle strain of 2024, this hybrid encapsulates the epitome of cannabis artistry, delivering an unparalleled sensory journey for the connoisseur.

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