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Zerberry Feminized Seeds

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Zerberry Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing the Zerberry Feminized Seeds, straight from the wizards at Grounded Genetics, this strain is a testament to their mastery. Picture this: a fusion of Original Z (Zkittlez) and Gelato 41 x Sherb Bx1. From a pool of sixty seeds, Grounded Genetics unearthed a botanical marvel, embodying the best of both lineages. Brace yourself for an avalanche of lip-smacking candy Z terps harmoniously entwined with creamy Sherb notes, all wrapped in the allure of Gelato #41, also known as Bacio Gelato.

But that’s not all. Grounded Genetics bestowed their keeper with a sprinkle of reversed RS11 from the esteemed Wizard Treez & DEO Farms. This touch not only ups the yield but also brings an extra dash of Sherb magic to the mix. The progeny? An army of champions, each one vying for the crown. The sweet spot for harvest? Somewhere between 55 to 63 days, though the Zkittlez dominants tend to dazzle a tad sooner. Dive into Zerberry’s world and let your senses embark on a voyage of pure, unadulterated bliss.

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