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Zilk Road Feminized Seeds

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Zilk Road Feminized Seeds By Grounded Genetics

Introducing Zilk Road Feminized Seeds, a radiant creation from the maestros at Grounded Genetics. This exquisite strain is a masterpiece, born from the union of OZ Kush and Gelato 41 x Sherb Bx1, culminating in the legendary Ozark F1. After meticulous scrutiny of fifty phenotypes, pheno 34 emerged as the shining star, boasting a harmonious blend of its candy-laden lineage, promising bountiful yields and resin-rich splendor.

With a sprinkle of reversed Z Road magic, Zilk Road emerged, a testament to its exceptional parentage. This offspring inherits the legacy of heightened productivity, gifting a bountiful harvest infused with a symphony of scents – from freshly cut fruit to the unmistakable Z essence, candy-like sweetness, and a hint of kushy allure.

Zilk Road unfurls its fragrant tapestry in just 8-8.5 weeks, or a mere 55-60 days. Step onto the Z-Road and let Grounded Genetics redefine your cannabis experience with this extraordinary creation. Elevate your cultivation journey with Zilk Road – a triumph of genetic artistry.

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