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Zoomiez Feminized Seeds

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Zoomiez Feminized Seeds By Anesia Seeds.

Introducing Zoomiez Feminized Seeds, the remarkable result of a carefully selected Biscotti Gushers, with the outstanding Crescendo strain. With Biscotti Gushers’ potent indica dominance and delectable taste of fresh sweet berries, combined with Crescendo’s intense fruity berry aroma and high THC content, Anesia Seeds have crafted a strain that offers an explosively flavourful experience, and incredible potency.

Zoomiez wastes no time in delivering its effects. The experience sparks a desire for adventure, boosting creativity and sociability. Your spirits soar, brimming with energy and boundless joy for hours on end.

The extraordinary THC content, reaching up to 32%, positions Zoomiez as a valuable strain, offering relief from chronic pain, depression, listlessness, loss of appetite, and mood swings.

Growing Zoomiez is relatively straightforward. The high it produces encompasses both cerebral and physical realms, making it perfect for seasoned recreational users. Its complex and balanced terpene profile delivers a mouthwateringly sweet flavor reminiscent of candy and cotton candy, with subtle floral undertones.

During the 9-10 week flowering period, Zoomiez develops round, magnificent buds that are densely coated in a luscious layer of golden crystal trichomes. The grow space becomes a haven of delightful aromas. Whether cultivated using the SOG or SCROG method, the plants thrive, exhibiting sturdy growth. Indoor yields range from 500-550g/m², while outdoor plants can easily exceed 1000g. With a medium height and a commanding main cola, Zoomiez captivates the eye. It’s a strain you simply can’t live without, destined to become a cherished companion on your journey.

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